Bridging Heaven on Earth
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Angelic Channeling

Angelic Channelling £33 for 1 hour.

This therapy is a combination of hands on healing with messages from the angels at the same time. Every treatment is unique meaning repeat clients always have different experiences each time. It is a case of lie down, relax and see what comes through. Specific areas or chakras may be highlighted to me. As with my other therapies the angels will explain how the symptoms have incurred. They will show me blocked energy and with your permission we will work together to release it. Sometimes these blocks are related to past life experiences, if so the angels will show me. You may have a  bespoke guided meditation channeled on the spot just for you. The information that the angels present to me is usually about your soul’s growth and your higher destiny. I will tell you which angels are working with you at the time and what they would like you to know. I usually also see your power animals.

This therapy is very soothing and uplifting. It is wonderful if you have been suffering from emotional stress and your spirit need a lift. I can also help you with chakra upgrades if you wish. This is my best seller therapy treatment.

To make an appointment for Angelic Channelling please contact Claire Stone on 07425 693 195.