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Archangel Michael, Throat chakra.

Archangel Michael Archangel Michael ” Who is like God” is the Angel of Protection.

Archangel Michael is one of the most well know angels. He is one of my favorite energies that I like to work with. I feel so comforted to know that I am completely safe when I invoke his protection. You can call upon Michael any time you feel afraid and he will shield you in an instant. Here are a few examples of how I work with Michael for protection. As a holistic therapist, I get up close into peoples energy field on a daily basis. This type of work can leave you drained as psychic sludge clings onto your aura. I have learned that the way to work in negative energy fields without taking that energy on as my own is to ask Archangel Michael to shield me from all directions. I visualize his blue cloak being placed over me as I recite his invocation. Of course if it is an emergency “Please help me Micheal” works just as well.  If I am travelling I ask Michael to keep me safe on the journey. I ask him to protect my children when they are at school. I ask him to protect my home when I am away. Michael will protect us physically and psychically.

Another amazing way that Archangel Michael will help us is by “cutting cords”. If there is a person or situation in our life that is causing us discomfort, we will have a psychic, energetic cord connecting us to that person or situation. These cords are negative and are created out of fear not love. When you feel lie some assistance in letting go of something or someone that no longer serves your growth call upon Micheal, he will sever the cords with you. This is a very powerful process. If you need more help with this I have a guided mediation available with an exercise to sever the cords. This was channeled directly from Archangel Michael whilst I was in the recording studio. There was no script.

Courage, Strength and truth.

Many of times, whilst I have been giving Angel Channeling healing to clients, I have witnessed Archangel Michael place his blue energy into peoples root chakra and watched it travel up the spine. To me when he does this, he is strengthening that person not just with vitality but with courage. He governs the throat chakra and will give you the courage to be yourself, to speak your own truth and to stand tall in your light and wisdom. When you are standing tall in your own magnificence you begin to speak with courage and conviction. You no longer doubt yourself.

Additional information relating to Archangel Michael.

Twin Flame: Lady Faith.
Spiritual Retreat: Banff, Canada.
Ray: The first, which is blue.
Workings: Our throat chakra (royal blue) and can assist us with clear communication and encourages us to ‘speak our truth’.
Gemstones: Associated with Michael are, Angelite, Sugaloite, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli and blue lace agate.
Essential Oils: Attuned to Michael are, Frankincense, Rosemary, Cedar Wood and Myrrh.

I make a vibrational essence ( angel spray ) which is wonderful for drawing in the energy of Michael in a flash.It is very handy to use between clients to clear your aura and the space in the room. It is also great to use before mediation or sleep if you want to work with Michael in your dreams. It contains holy water from Avalon, crystals and essential oils. It is then left overnight in a crystal grid on the Michael ley line. To purchase a spray please click here.