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Archangel Ariel, the Sacral chakra.

Archangel Ariel & the Sacral chakra

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Archangel Ariel is the “Lioness of God”. She works very closely with us on planet Earth and assists us with anything relating to our survival instincts. She is the Archangel of the devas and fairies. She protects the environment, animals and ourselves. She oversees and protects all that is born on the Earth. Ariel ¬†reminds us that we are divine. Pure love and divinity is present in all creatures, after all we are a manifestation of god’s / source creation.

The Sacral chakra is also linked to these earthy survival needs. If we fear our needs will not be met this chakra may become under or overactive. If it becomes overactive it can manifest in greed and competitiveness. If underactive we can feel like a victim and feel like we have no control over there destiny.

The sacral is located just above the pubic bone. Crystals that can bring healing and balance to this area are tigers eye, carnelian, orange calcite, fire opal, dragon stone.

Essential oils that can balance this area include: cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, lavender, sweet fennel and chamomile roman.

If you need assistance with any worldly affairs related to the material world, business, home and bills pray to Archangel Ariel. If you work with animals or flowers ask her to help, she will lovingly guide you.

Prayer to Archangel Ariel,

“Beloved Archangel Ariel, thank you for surrounding me in your loving embrace. I am filled with courage to be myself and to live on this planet in a state of abundance and gratitude. I filled with your strength and I trust that all of my needs are met. It is safe for me to receive your blessing. As I shine my light into the world, I inspire others to do the same. Thank you. Amen.”