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Archangel Metatron, Stellar Gateway chakra

Archangel Metatron and the Stellar Gateway chakra

The Stellar Gateway Chakra is located just above the Crown chakra and is connected to Archangel Metatron. Metatron in hebrew means ‘fixer of boundaries’. He is the Archangel that assists us in connecting with other dimensions, planets, star systems and universes. Many extraterrestrial beings from Pleiades, Andromeda and Sirius to name a few, are assisting planet Earth at this time. Many of these beings are much more spiritually evolved than us and come in the name of the light to work with us and assist us to re align and remember our true spiritual heritage. More and more people awaken as the frequencies of the planet rise. The destiny of our souls at this time is a collective Christ awakening.

Archangel Metatron can assist us with this global Christ awakening and realignment. You can invoke his protection and ask that he uses sacred geometry, known as Metatron’s Cube or the Merkaba. The Merkaba can be placed into each of your chakras purify them and to raise the vibration in them. All of the secrets of the universe are stored already in your being. You have the keys already within you, you just need practise to unlock these doors. Archangel Metatron can support our spiritual ascension. At night before you go to sleep, you can ask Metatron to take you to the Galactic Mystery schools. You will return with seeds of information embedded into your consciousness that will flourish at the perfect time for your body, mind and spirit. The spirit can learn things very quickly in a short space of time due to its lightness and higher vibration. In contrast the body and mind take much longer to implement these spiritual teachings. The way to wholeness on the Earth realm is through the balance of mind, body and spirit. Archangel Metatron’s twin flame is Lady Shekinah. Together they hold our chakra system within a perfect balance of Yin and Yang energies.

Archangel metatron is also well known to assist with the huge flock of crystal, rainbow and indigo children that are on our planet at this time. These children are born spiritually awake and are here in service of the light. These children need to be recognised and their gifts nurtured. I personally was misunderstood as a child of the 80’s born into a Christian family. I was told that my clairvoyant gifts were ‘devils work’, I was told ‘ I had the devil in me’ and that if I did not stop my behaviour I would be locked up in a mental hospital. As you can imagine this was a very confusing time. The people that I loved rejected what I ‘ knew’ to be true. My abilities did become dormant. Luckily the pull for the truth and self realisation became strong again in my teenage years. I had a lucky escape from medication and so called therapy these beautiful children are now being subjected to.

If you work with children or have an Indigo child, call upon Metatron. He will gladly assist you and these sensitive souls.

Crystals to assist this work include: Black Kyanite, Zeolite, Youngite and clear quartz.