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Archangel Chamuel, Lady Sophia, the Heart chakra

The Heart chakra resonates with Archangel Chamuel, Jesus and Mother Mary. Your heart centre speaks its own language. The language of love. To hear it you must live from the heart and have the ability to give and receive love. Chamuel is the leader of the angels of the healing hearts. Ironically, we need to have our heart cracked wide open to enable us to open up our hearts that we have subconsciously closed down due to trauma and heartbreak. Chamuel will help us to heal. Jesus will help us to forgive and Mary will ignite the beat of the universal mother’s heart within us to love ourselves and realise our true divinity.

If you have a heavy heart, ask Chamuel to clear this centre for you. Protect your heart by visualising a white cross, the christ light over your heart chakra and wear a crystal with a long chain to hold you.

Lady Sophia is the twin flame of Archangel Chamuel. Once your heart is healed, you will be able to tap into the higher heart chakra. This chakra is located just above the heart chakra. Your consciousness needs to develop a sense of purity before you can enter this realm. First releasing all fears, pain, sorrow from the heart chakra including past life events and repaying  karma. Once you are cleared you will be ready for the marriage of the Christ and Mary energy into our heart. The next level of heart consciousness is overseen by Sophia. When you are ready she will open your heart to the angelic realm, the Diamond ray. You will be the embodiment of divine love.

Crystals for the heart chakra include: Petalite, rose quartz, opal, jade, aventurine, red chalcedony, pink danburite, diamond, ruby and rhodonite.

Essential oils include rose, geranium, hawthorn, marjoram, neroli, and lemon.

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