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Bespoke Aromatherapy Massage £38, 1 hour.

This type of massage is deeply relaxing.The movements are slow and nurturing. Your will have a tailor made blend of organic oils to suit your mood and needs.

I have been teaching aromatherapy courses at various colleges throughout the north west since 2001. I am qualified to blend the oils as well as massage with them and I often make blends for other salons and therapists. I have had extensive training in the production of essential oils with scientist Dr Jane Collins at Phytobotanica. I am also qualified as a Master Herbalist and Flower Therapist. These additional qualifications strengthen my knowledge of plants and healing techniques with them.

Aromatherapy has been uses for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians embalmed their mummy’s with them. Plants were regarded as medicine ( as they still are in many cultures today ) and were used for healing just about anything.

Everything we need to heal ourselves is gifted to us by Mother Nature. All the food and medicine grows naturally and is in abundance for us to utilize to bring good health and vitality.

Volatile oils are collected from plants leaves, roots, stems, bark, peels and seed. The precious oil is extracted by various methods such as steam distillation or expression. Each essential oil has its unique benefits and properties. Synergising oils into a blend creates the potential for maximum healing to take place. The oil enters the blood stream by either inhalation or via massage. If you are using essential oils for a massage you will need to know the dilution ratio and about any contra-indications. Essential oils are very powerful and need to be used carefully.

Most essential oils are antiseptic and antibacterial. Some can lower your heighten blood pressure, ease pains, relieve allergies, mild depression, clear fungal infections, anti sickness, boost immune system, sharpen thinking or quite and relax thinking, muscle aches, nerve pain, acne, PMT, hormonal imbalances, menopause,insomnia, circulation improvement, skin conditions, the list is endless.

I do also treat and make products for horses and dogs.

If you would like an oil blend making up or to make a massage appointment please call Claire Stone on 07425693195.