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The Art of Manifesting with Feng Shui

Everything in your life is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs!

If you are happy, healthy and abundant – you have created it!
If you are suffering from illness, poverty and misfortune – guess what, you have created it!

The most powerful creator is you!

Of course nobody “wants” to be ill, poor or struggling in life, and these negative manifestations are certainly created unconsciously.

In society we are not taught about states of consciousness and we are certainly not taught the true laws of the universe. Imagine you are playing a game and you do not know the rules – how do you expect to win? Yes someone will be the winner, but then that means someone else will have to lose. It is our spiritual birth right to be happy, healthy and abundant.

So you want to learn the rules, am I right ?
The first step is responsibility – once you take responsibility for the outcomes of your life – you start heading in the right direction. Take responsibility for you life NOW! Don’t wait until you have “won the lottery”, or “met a rich man” or “got a new job” because you know what, thoughts actually BLOCK abundance by affirming they are in the future and not accessible to you now.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement. You can create harmony and good luck in your life by how you arrange things in your home. Everything in our universe is made up of energy. Our life force is called Ki / Chi / Prana. Ki needs to flow well in our bodies to create good health. This is also true in our homes. If we keep clutter or broken objects it creates stagnant Ki, this disrupts the flow of harmony and can affect many things such as your health, abundance, happiness , relationships, work, and so on. Maximize the quality of your life experience by harmonising with the natural flow of energy; when you do this you will find your dreams start to become a reality.