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August 2016

Hi everyone, here’s a little information on the New Moon entering Leo, today 2nd August 2016. Enjoy x

Wow, the energies have been intense to say the least, as today’s new moon enters Leo. As with every new moon there is a huge wave of energy that hits us, as the sun and moon are at the exact same point in the zodiac. New moons are reknowned times of new beginnings making this an excellent time to set intentions and begin new projects. The Leo new moon can be challenging for many as the sun shines onto our shadow side exposing things that we may have suppressed or have been avoiding to clear out. Now is the perfect time to clear away the cobwebs and release the past. It is usually when the moon is waning that we release as such but with such strong fiery masculine energies being directed at us we find that this moon may bring about arguments, anger and may even force change upon us. The good news is the energies of Leo also bring us courage and passion. Make the most of this energy by getting creative. Soothe the tension with playfulness. Archangel Ariel is very strongly connected to this moon. The Angel of Earth and manifestation. She came to me this morning, and for the first time her hair was flames. She swept these flames right through my aura. She told me to release any final residue of energetic cord I have been releasing over the last few weeks. This is a time of very deep and intense healing and purification, to help us to reach our highest potential for our personal and planetary ascension as the Lion’s Gate Portal accelerates and will be in full swing on 8.8.16. Remember that the leo new moon and the Lions gate are all heart centred. Do not miss this rare opportunity to expand the heart. Meditate everyday. White roses can soothe and expand the heart. Call upon Phoenix, burn your fear and rise high. This is a rebirth. Much Love Claire xxxleo




Feb 2016.

This month has been really busy with my feature in Soul & Spirit magazine on sale 20th Feb and  Healing with the Angels event on the 22nd Feb in Merseyside

I have also been working on the release of my guided meditation CD which connects you to the Angelic Realm, which will be available very soon at the introductory price £4.99 P&P 99p

I hope you enjoy the site.

Angel Blessings

Claire xx


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