Bridging Heaven on Earth
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Vibrational Essences

All Vibrational Essence sprays on this website are made personally by Claire Stone the founder of the HeavenScent range.

Each spray is attuned to the highest frequency attainable that can be captured in the memory of water.

There are a range of products for all your spiritual needs;

The water in these sprays is holy spring water from the heart chakra of planet Earth (Glastonbury). High frequency crystals, essential oils and prayers have been used in the making of these products.

It is scientifically proven by the extensive works of Masuru Emoto that water can be programmed by vibrations and retains information it is given. There are many examples in his books ‘The Healing Power Of Water’ or ‘The Message From Water’. In one of his examples water is spoken to by words that contain negative vibrations such as ‘hate’ , ‘disgusting’ etc. The water is then frozen. Under a special microscope the structure of the water was examined and did not hold a specific pattern. However water that was told it was ‘loved’, ‘beautiful’, ‘amazing’, had a very different result under the microscope. The patterns in the structure of these samples were stunning and snow flake like!