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Animal Guardian

Animal GuardianThis beautiful aromatherapy and crystal blend has been made to bring feelings of love, comfort and relaxation to animals.

Aromatherapy is well known for it’s psychological properties, just by inhaling tiny particles from the spray, it enters the blood stream giving immediate relief from anxiety, stress and fear.

Animals also have a guardian angel. Archangel Fhelyai is the angel who oversees the welfare of animals. You can call upon him to heal and bless animals. Visualise his healing yellow rays surrounding your pets, wild animals and especially endangered species.

To use this product, spritz onto your hands or remove the lid and allow your animal to explore it. Animals have a much stronger sense of smell than humans so don’t over face them by spraying it onto them. If your animal looks interested (nuzzling, licking, sniffing, chewing – horses) then spray your hands again and rub a small amount onto the outside of their ears and on their bedding. You may also spray into horse boxes for stress free travelling.

Animals love to be pampered just like we do.

Important! This product is not suitable for cats as their livers cannot digest phenols which are present in some essential oils. Essential oils are toxic to cats.


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