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Golden Atlantis

Golden AtlantisThis beautiful spray has been created by Claire Stone and Hay House Author, Tim Whild, using Tim Whild’s Golden Atlantis grid* (as pictured) and Holy waters from the Red and White Springs in Avalon.
Created with the highest harmonics, to bring you the sensory vibration of Golden Atlantis.

Golden Atlantis was the peak of the Atlantean era, where humans walked among the Etheric Realms as living gods, illuminating everything around them.

Contained within this essence are a combination of essential oils, and crystals and the direct infusion of the energies of Ascended Masters Thoth, Voosloo, Serapis Bey and Lord Kumeka.

Uses for this vibrational essence;

  • Raise your vibration
  • Align your fifth dimensional chakras
  • Cleanse your fields at any time

Aromatherapy was used as a powerful practice during the Atlantean era. This practice has been passed down through the millennia, and is just as powerful today.

*If you would like to purchase an Atlantis Grid by Tim Whild, then please visit


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