Bridging Heaven on Earth
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St Brides Mound Skull

St Brides Mound SkullThis essence was created on a very sacred pilgrimage from Glastonbury Tor to a sacred Grove.

The levels of each chakra naturally attuned as we ascended, using the very powerful St. Brides Mound Skull (The Divine Ones); created and fully activated by Mark Lepus (Avalon Skulls).

With the crescent moon on her forehead, she connected sun and moon and brought in energies to enable us to balance male and female – the divine marriage of ourselves.

When you fully integrate all parts of yourself – male and female, your vibration raises to a much higher frequency as you become whole.

Another powerful ability this essence has captured from the St. Brides Mound Skull, is to bring in energies that connect you to your life mission.

She will knock on the door of your heart. If you open your heart to her and fully embrace yourself,  your own personal Labyrinth will be revealed to you through visions, meditation, dreams and synchronicity.

Uses of this vibrational essence;

  • Purify your aura (higher chakras)
  • Over crystals & skulls to attunement to higher frequencies

This product contains holy water from the heart chakra of Planet Earth. Equal amounts of The White Spring (female) and The Red Spring (male). It also has the energies direct from St. Brides Skull, Clear Quartz, Angelite, Rose Quartz and Diamond.

The Elemental Kingdom assisted us with the making of this product by supplying us with essential oils of Juniper, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Sweet Orange and Grapefruit.


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