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Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing £32, 1 hour.

Crystal healing is a very relaxing therapy. You can either have a traditional treatment where the crystals are laid out over the chakras to re-balance, heal and reenergise the body. The second option is to have the treatment done intuitively. This is where the angels and my guides tell me what stones to use and where. They often inform me how the imbalance has been manifest in the body. It is very important to know how symptoms have manifest as this gives us the opportunity to make sure these symptoms do not reocurr in the same or similar way. After all our thoughts create our emotions and our emotions create our symptoms. If you do not know what thought to change, nothing will change and the symptom will represent itself.

First you will lie down, fully clothed on the massage bed. I will clear your aura ( the energy field that surrounds your body). Then I call the angels in ad place the stones onto the body. If you are working on something specific such as insomnia, I will select specific crystals that will be suitable. The treatment is very relaxing in candle light with low relaxation music.

I studied a year long course to obtain a Level 3 Diploma in Crystal healing in 2002. I have also studied with Judy Hall, author of over 50 books including “The Crystal Bible”.

I teach Crystal healing workshops, which involve crystal communication, programming, selecting and grids.

I also teach a workshop which is called Crystal healing with the Archangels. Please see my events or contact me for more information. Claire Stone 07425 693 195.