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Earth Star Chakra, Lady Shekinah

Earth Star Chakra and Lady Shekinah

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The Earth Star chakra corresponds with Archangel Lady Shekinah. To connect with her use choose from any of these crystals: selenite ( crystalline light ), smokey quartz, ruby, moonstone, elestial quartz and opal.
Burning the following essential oils will open your inner senses to her. Sandalwood, rosewood, rose absolute, patchouli, and vanilla.
Shekinah will plant your roots deep into the heart of Pachamama ( Mother Earth, Gaia ).
This chakra is essential to integrating all your spirituality into the earth realm. To live a human existence as a fully conscious being, is the ultimate state of being that we can attain whilst residents of the 4th and 5th dimension realities. This chakra is the polararity of the stella gateway. These two chakras are the holders of our entire energetic system

Prayer to Archangel Shekinah by Claire Stone.

Beloved Shekinah, guardian of all beings on Planet earth, protector of the divine feminine energies. Thank you for nurturing us with motherly love and for your generosity that provides for all of our needs. As we constantly witness your beauty in each breath, flower, and drop of rain we are reminded of our Earth child divinity. Thank you for the abundance of miracles that surround us. In beauty and grace. Aho.