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Reflexology 1 hour, £32.

I have been qualified in reflexology since 2001. I have taught this subject at Carmel College, St Helens and Roby College, Liverpool.

Reflexology is a wonderful relaxing therapy which is applied to the feet or hands. Every body part can be stimulated by accessing the pressure points on the feet which connects to these corresponding body parts  ( organs, glands, ) via the meridian system. The word holistic means whole, so in a reflexology treatment the whole body will be treated not just the areas where symptoms are present. The treatment gently releases any blockages in your energy flow and allows the body to return to a state of homeostasis thus healing itself.

It is a deeply relaxing treatment and in my experience one of the best therapies for treating chronic illness.

Reflexology can help with the following:





*Back pain

*Bladder problems



*Digestive problems






*Preparation for labour


*Sinus Problems

*Sleep disorders

*Sports injuries


A one hour treatment costs £32. To make a booking please contact me on 07425 693 195.