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Womb Healing

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Herbal Womb Steam £50, 1 hour.

Yoni is an ancient Sanskrit word for Vagina. It also translates to ‘Sacred Place’ or ‘Cave of Wonder’. Through Yoni healing, women can re-awaken her  Goddess power, let go of limiting beliefs or negative ties and reclaim her own truth.

Vaginal steams are becoming a fashionable holistic therapy throughout the glamorous world of celebrities. However, this is an ancient spiritual practice which has been passed down through generations of tribal and wild women throughout history. In our modern times more and more of us are searching for natural solutions to health care and we are also becoming increasingly aware of energy.

What happens during a Yoni Steam?

There is absolutely nothing to fear about having a vaginal steam. The experience is very relaxing. Prior to your treatment, you will let me know the reason for therapy. It could be from menstrual issue to an emotional issue to a past sexual experience. This is so I can prepare a bespoke blend of herbs designed to meet your needs.

Once you arrive you will be given a specially made long skirt to wear which you can slip on in the changing room and remove your underwear. Your herbal steam blend will be placed beneath a special yoni chair which you will sit on . Your modesty is protected at all times. Now you can relax in the candle lit room and enjoy a hot drink and experience a guided mediation.

Treatments last from 40 mins to 1 hour depending on if you are having a private treatment or a ceremony of four people.

Why have a Yoni Steam?

There are many benefits to treating yourself to a herbal womb steam including:

♡ painful periods
♡ Shrink fibroids
♡ Cleanses and tones the lining of the womb
♡ Prepares the womb for pregnancy
♡ Cleanses the womb after a pregnancy, miscarriage, termination , STI
♡ Scar tissue healing
♡ Increases fertility

♡ Cyclic Breast pain
♡ Specialist herbs can encourage menses to start up for those who don’t bleed
♡ Releases negative energy and psychic cords from past lover’s, sexual abuse, miscarriage, termination ,
♡ Can heal energetic blocks of creativity, self love, mothers love, abandonment,
♡ Brings healing to the repression of the Divine Feminine within us ALL
♡ Prevents us passing this suppression of the female to our daughters and granddaughters our future female generations.

If you would like to make an appointment please call Claire on 07425693195.

Treatment costs £50 for 1-2-1 or £40 in a group womb ceremony ( 4 people max ).